Three Treasures Martial Arts Association

Heaven ,Humanity & Earth

                                              SAN BAO KUNG FU                                                                            The Martial Law Of The Martial Arts  

        Three Treasures Martial Arts is the foundational gate to higher martial arts. It encompasses a wide range of defensive and effective combat applications, such as Southern Shaolin Five Animals ,Wing-Chun, Chin-Na,Yuenan Wing Chun, basic Hung Ga.White Crane hard and soft Qi- Gong, Shaolin drills form conditioning , basic Wu dang principles, modern kick boxing, western boxing , Meditation and much more. We condition the body, Will, Spirit and Mind thru the Mastery of 180 moves known as METAMORPHOSIS or (Bian-Xing), a formula of free flowing kung fu regimen founded by our Grand Master( Sijo) Bobby Lee Whitaker. This form of Kung Fu is authentic in its expression of various forms of fighting Taolu of the ever changing force of nature. Thru the cultivation of Qi. Self- awareness, knowledge of self as well as the development of heavenly essence and the blossuming of the divine self character. We do not claim to be perfected (Master-Scholar-Students) of the science, law and knowledge of the martial arts.We are merely a family association created by the sheer desire and will to transform our spirit thru the ancient arts and the laws of nature.We are dedicated to the youth and community; as well as the future Masters of Self. We honor and respect all idealogy of faith and culture. Our goal is to elevate within modern society. By physically advancing the mental evolution of the present state and lowly condition of the uncultivated soul of man. First by refining ourselves holistically, mentally, and spiritually above all un-natural ways of thinking.

SANBAO!! Peace Om-Mi-Tou-Fo!



ADVANCE CLASS - Saturday   kids classes 12:00pm-1pm /Adults classes 1pm-4pm .  consists of: (Northern Shaolin Basic foundational  form training introduction to Taolu stance work, applications for Shaolin defensive-combat,Learn how to center your chi using Ba duan Jin Shaolin Qi-gong. Southern  Style conditioning and fighting applications,Monkey style footwork, Bai-Hok kuen(White Crane) ,Choy Li Fut,Fu jow pai(Black Tiger Fist),Hung Ga principle and movement.Five Animals fighting applications dragon style, leopard ,tiger,snake and crane and much more.


Every first Sunday Summer-Fall season  McCarren park classes still pending schedule.

Advance Private Classes from 1pm-4pm Chinatown Pavillion,Manhattan,NY on Bayard and Mulberry Columbus park behind the criminal court building.Call to make reservations.


INTERMEDIATE CLASS-Wednesday 6pm-9pm  Consists of :SanDa/San Shou (Chinese Kick Boxing) of course with a Western boxing twist.flexibity and strenght training,cardio training.Modern boxing regimen and strategy,footwork,pad work, hitting the bags,evasion, speed and real time training.Plenty of sparring full and semi-contact striking and take downs.We also have for the more advance fighter must first qualified  to learn DA XING XING FOJIAO QUAN (GORRILLA MONK BOXING) style of Counter kick boxing &Anti- grappling wrestling boot camp).



NOVICE CLASS-FOUNDATIONAL SELF-DEFENSE-  Yuenan  & Traditional Wing-Chun, Bianxing Quan (Metamorphosis Fist) learn how to block and evasionn tactics,when to advance and how lessen the impact of an attacker.through  using various hand and arm bridges and movement.learn how not to engage an opponents force, but to redirect and manipulate the assault with precise timing and leverage.This form of training is not reliant on strength or size.Any smaller person can become efficient in the art of baffling your opponent and countering the his angles and centerline motion.Thru sheer cunning and scientific knowledge of body mechanics.The legs are hidden until it is time to strike vital regions of the lower body.Alot of leg flexibity is not necessary.

 Tuesday Kids from 4pm-6pm. Sat 12pm-1pm 


255 McKibbin Bet Bushwick & White Street,brooklyn N.Y,11206 ground level Loft Studio#7

Take the L train  to Morgan Ave  exit on Bogart and Harrison side then walk towards White street &Bushwick ave  across the street from the Karate school


For more information about free class call Si-Hing Dantey Whitaker @ 1-347-853-6986  / Sifu Ralph P.Bey @1-516-860-3500  or send email to SANBAOKUNGFU@GMAIL.COM

Call to find out about our Membership discount and general fees and registration.Call a week in advance to set up a schedule for private Classes.


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