Three Treasures Martial Arts Association

Heaven ,Humanity & Earth

 3TMA Kwoon Conduct and Ethics

 1) Upon entering or leaving respectfully salute the Sifu and  classmates by placing your left palm over your right fist.Then bow only three inches say "San Bao" ,when the teacher responds "San Bao "then you may enter. When leaving  "San Bao"  (Three Treasures),dont turn your back until you are out the Kwoon. 

 2) Be on time.If you are late you must request permission to participate .Never leave without notifying the Sifu.Give early notice if you will be leaving early or going to be absent.

 3) Leave alll negative behavior outside of the Kwoon come in ready to workout.Stay focus and be prepared for instruction by stretching out,meditating,practicing stances until the Sifu or an assistant comes to you.

 4) If you don't know what to do just stand and watch quietly with your right palm over your left palm. The right palm, fingers pointing upwards (the golden needle points the way to heaven. the left palm (holds the  Jade bowl).This means you are ready to recieve light,or instruction. 

5) No eating,chewing in class. You can eat atleast an hour and a half before you arrive.Eat after class.

6) No talking,sitting or leaning on walls during class unless you are a visitor or parent.

7) Use proper language at all time.Maintain the proper attitude.

8)Your Mind and body must be clean aswell as your uniform.Always keep the Kwoon clean.

9) To-Dei (disciples) must never instruct nor seek intructions from other students without permission of the Sifu.

10) No fighting,horseplaying or any aggressive behavior.             

 11) No sparring without the consent of the Sifu.

12) No showing off in or out of the Kwoon.

13) Dont let your outside problems distract you from your training.

14) Always do the best you can,never say you "can't "do something,"can't "is a curse word ; you will be penalize for it.

15) No gossiping, bothering or laughing at other students.Have respect for everyone.

16) Make sure you practice atleast once a day no less than 15mins.Sleep well and eat well( healthy of course).Take good care of yourself.