Three Treasures Martial Arts Association

Heaven ,Humanity & Earth


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The Three Treasures Martial Arts Association

foundational gate to higher martial arts.It encompasses a wide range of defensive and effective combat applications,such as Southern Shaolin Five Animals ,Wing-Chun,Chin-Na,Yuenan Wing Chun,Basic Hung Ga.White Crane hard and soft Qi- Gong, Shaolin drills form conditioning ,Meditation and much more. We condition the body, Will,Spirit and Mind thru the Mastery of 180 moves, known as the metamorphosis(Bianxing) ;the Taolu of the ever changing force of nature. Thru the cultivation of Qi. Self- awareness,knowledge of self aswell as the development of Heavenly essence and the blossuming of the divine self character. We do not claim to be perfected (Master-Scholar-Students) of the science,law and knowledge of the martial arts.We are merely a family association created by the desire and will to advance our spirit thru the ancient arts and the laws of nature.We are dedicated to the youth and the community;and the future Masters of Self. We honor and respect all idealogy of faith and culture. Our goal is to elevate within modern society to help evolve the present state and lowly condition of the uncultivated soul of man.First by refining ourselves holisticly mentally, physically ;and spiritually above all un-natural ways of thinking.

SANBAO!! Peace Omitofu!